Social Projects 


Korea Craft and Design Foundation, the public affiliate of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea, is sincerely requesting for your cultural understanding and cooperation through ODA projects in the field of various culture and arts.

In particular, the ODA projects concerning culture and arts will be based on our tradition and culture and we are expecting to perform consulting services in design, technical support, working conditions and systems for the local small/mid-sized specializing in crafts using abundant resources. These projects are intended to accelerate growth of art and craft industry, creating continuous added-values of the project areas and increasing regional income. Furthermore, we will be acting as a vehicle of constant cultural exchanges in the field of crafts, design and culture.

Thus, we are requesting for your full cooperation in advance on the ODA project of crafts and designs to be implemented this year. In addition, we are planning to request for related information to identify regional demand and to select supporting agencies upon discussion in the near future. We look forward to your interest in the ODA projects of culture and arts for it is not a temporary project, which will be held this year and onwards.

We hope it will be a great opportunity in understanding the asian philosophy and spirits instilled in the crafts design and culture through the process of reinterpreting the historically proud cultural assets and rediscovering the values through modernized designs.

Korea Craft & Design Foundations